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Pre-conference Webinars

Learn how to grow your finances, career, and personal life from people that have done it, and helped many others like you

How to make money as a social media manager (From learning to getting clients)

Learn how Chika made over 7 million naira in 2022 from Social Media Management - a step by step guide to get started and grow.

Discipline: How to be consistent in productivity

As founder of the Leaders Manna Network, Emmanuel helps people get things done, build better habits, and be consistent in being productive.

How to optimize your linkedin for job opportunities

Peter has leveraged Linkedin to get jobs from the United Kingdom, United States, working with top organizations like Udacity and Paychant.

How to position your business globally from anywhere you are

Uke is the co-founder of GoNomad, powering business incorporation in the US, UK, or Canada - get foreign accounts legally using this global guide.

How to increase your income using digital products (a roadmap)

Cassandra has made over 8-figures leveraging digital products on the internet. She is a top marketer and recognized by platforms like Expertnaire and Selar.

Daily bank alert - How to get paid every day of your life

Emmanuel has received daily credit alerts consistently for over 3 years. He has leveraged the internet as a tool and will be sharing how to do it.

Checklist for safe and profitable real estate investments

Madame landlady is an award-winning realtor, with over 200 million in properties sold. She shares how to invest in landed properties, grow your wealth, and stay safe in real estate.

How to leverage academic excellence for personal and career growth

Esther is a first class graduate, Chevening Scholar, and recipient of the 'Student-staff Partnership and Co-production in Education Award' from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

How to make money from your smartphone

Fredrick has grown his YouTube channel to over 7000 subscribers and is now monetised. He shares how to make money from your smartphone - tools, apps, and systems.

How to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace growth

Do not stand in the way of your own success. Chinaza shares how to overcome mindsets and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from growth.

How to grow your brand using content marketing

Nancy has trained over 500 brands on effective content creation. She is a content coach at Dominate Sales and Influence Course by Naijabrandchick.

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Growth Accelerator

Practical personal development for Business Owners and Career Professionals

17th – 19th August, 2023 | Lagos, Nigeria

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